Divorce Seminar FAQ

We understand it is a big step to attend a workshop like this. Sometimes, it may even be your very first step toward a divorce. And really, that’s why we put these workshops on: to offer support, resources and guidance to those entering a very difficult process. The seminars are for YOU. Below are answers to a number of frequently asked questions that should provide some assurance and comfort as you consider attending.

Can I be assured that my privacy will be protected as much as possible?

Yes, our events, are held in private meeting rooms in venues like hotels, offices and libraries. The divorce seminars are closed-door affairs and any directional signs or posters will not identify the nature of the meeting taking place. All panelists understand that strict confidentiality is required.

How many people will be there?

The panel will consist of two to five people, depending on the type of seminar. Attendees usually number between four and eight, and we try not to go higher than that so that we can maintain the intimate nature of the events. We generally prefer a roundtable type of room setup as opposed to a more formal classroom-style lecture.

Will I run into someone I know at the event? That might be embarrassing.

While the possibility certainly exists that someone you know might be using the venue where the seminar is being held—especially if it is a hotel or library environment—keep in mind that there will be no obvious signs or announcements declaring that there is a “divorce seminar” in the building.

Will a lawyer or any additional panelists be pushing me to sign them up? In other words, will I have to endure a “hard sell”?

Absolutely not. You are welcome to talk to panelists after the meeting if you are interested in following up, but you will not be sold any services. In fact, you will learn about ways to approach starting a relationship with an attorney, financial advisor, etc. in an objective way that encourages you to be diligent in your search and to find the right fit for you.

Will I have to reveal aspects of my case that I feel uncomfortable talking about?

No, your case is your business and you will never be pressured to share aspects of it with those assembled at a seminar. We do have an informational sheet which you can fill out if you so desire before the seminar begins. This serves the purpose of enlightening the panelists so they can tailor their presentations to a certain extent to try and get you the information you need most. But this sheet is optional and you will never be pressured to fill it out if it makes you uncomfortable.

I don’t want to pay with a credit card because I’m uncomfortable with how it will show up on my credit card bill. What can I do?

This is completely understandable, and cash is always accepted before the seminar begins. You can always pre-register with a phone call to 703-370-5555.